Wildes Meadow Wetlands

Wariapendi has had the privilege of being involved in the creation of an extensive wetland system located on a private property in Wildes Meadow. The work began on developing the wetlands about twelve years ago and today they are a wonderful place to experience.

The wetlands have been created where there is an intersection of two creek systems, which in their previous state were highly eroded and infested with environmental weeds such as Privet and Hawthorne. The entire property had been extensively cleared and there was hardly a native tree left on it.

With the help of Land and Water, the creeks were reshaped into a series of dams and revegetated with native plants. The photos above are of the wetlands during construction.

12 years later the wetlands are fully functioning and provide a wonderful habitat for a plethora of birds and other wildlife. The presence of different bird species has increased by about 300%. At anytime, you will usually be able to spot half a dozen different species enjoying the wetlands – from herons and cormorants, to various ducks, down to little wrens and finches.

Management of the wetlands involves burning back the aquatic sedges and reeds around the edges of the wetlands approximately every 3 years.

The improvement of the wetland system has brought wonderful benefits for the local ecology and provide much joy to all who are able to experience them. There is even hope that the wetlands may provide a home for some platypus in the years to come.

Do you have a dam or wetland area that you wish to transform to bring life and create habitat? Contact us for assistance in creating vibrant, sustainable wetlands.