This project comprised of preparing a vegetation plan for the creation of a sediment basin, macrophytic zone and creek line for a new subdivision in Goulburn. The project required extensive earthworks to create and shape the existing drainage line into the final required zones. On completion of earthworks we were with a clean site with no vegetation cover. There was a total of 17,100 grasses and 653 trees and shrubs utilised.

Project Outline

  • To specify densities and species to be utilised in the creation of the sediment basin, macrophytic zone and creek line and a maintenance program ensure the successful establishment.
  • To collect seed for the species from suitable locations close to the site to ensure plant stock was of a suitable genetic background.
  • To grow the required plants in our accredited production nursery

Strategies utilised to achieve the desired outcome

  • Wariapendi was able to work closely with the engineer of the project to provide optimum site conditions on completion of earthworks. 
  • Vegetation survey of the site to select the species required for planting.
  • Intensive maintenance to ensure weed growth is controlled over the 24 months maintenance period ensuring successful establishment.