This property is located in Bowral along Centennial Road. Wariapendi has been involved in the design, planting, and maintenance of the house gardens, dam plantings, woodlands and extensive windbreaks across the 40 ha property.

Over the many years Wariapendi has been involved on the property, many exotic plants and environmental weeds have been removed, such as Leylandii Cypress and Agapanthus, and have been replaced with a selection of more suitable native plants. Wariapendi also assisted in the lining of several dams on the property and they now provide an oasis to the surrounding wildlife. The property now enjoys an abundance of birds and other native wildlife and is full of colour and life.

Some of the native plants used around the house gardens are Philotheca, Leptospermum Pink Cascade, Leptospermum Copper Glow, and Acacia fimbriata Dwarf, and Westringia Jervis Gem plus many others, which provide a rich palate of colours year round.