Extensive clearing in the past has left many properties exposed and vulnerable to the environmental extremes. For over 30 years Wariapendi has been providing knowledge and expertise to rural property owners and managers to help reverse the effects of land degradation, increase productivity and provide for future sustainability.

Wariapendi offers a service which provides professional advice on how to increase productivity, improve capital value and enhance the lifestyle benefits that living on a rural property provides. Our advice includes how to enact revegetation projects, create windbreaks/wildlife corridors, control erosion, create wetlands and how to manage and enhance riparian zones and any remnant natural vegetation on the site.

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Level 1 –

General Consultation

We will meet with you onsite to
formulate design concepts, approximate plant layout, along with recommended species. During this meeting we will provide you with handwritten documentation and drawings. Generally an allowance of 1.5-3 hours onsite is required but as all properties and needs are different, more or less time may be required.

Cost – $150/hour on site
Travel $120/hour or part thereof

Level 2 –

Comprehensive Property Plan

We will meet onsite and assess your needs and suggest possible areas of improvement and advise ways to increase productivity and the general ‘health’ of the property. We will give insights into:
• Increasing pasture production by creating windbreaks
• Best ways to manage water quality on the property
• Wind protection and windbreak layouts, shelter for stock, wind protection for house and shed sites
• Paddock layouts
• Managing salinity and erosion issues
• Sustainable gardens for the home
After our initial meeting onsite meeting we will provide a plan outlining areas of improvement. For this service, you should allow a minimum of 2 hours on site plus a minimum of 6 hours for design and documentation back in the office plus any travel
Cost – from $1200

How much will this cost?

Our base fee for our consultation service is $150 per hour
– Travel is charged at $120 per hour or part thereof.
– CAD generation of landscape plans and other documentation back at the office is charged at $120/hour.