Key Personnel

Warren Walker

Founder, Managing Director

02-2014-IMG_5574Warren Walker is a horticulturalist specialising in the production of Australian native plants and their use in landscapes. In the early 1980's he established Wariapendi Nursery to fulfill a niche in the market. His main passion was to establish sustainable landscapes and to achieve this he needed specialist plants.

Considered a pioneer in the industry Warren developed a plant production system that provided low cost, high quality plants for the revegetation and landscape industries. He then went on to develop systems to successfully implement major landscape and revegetation projects in a cost effective and timely manner.

Up until the early 1990's trees for farms, land degradation, windbreaks, and the revegetation of freeway verges and median strips from Mittagong to Canberra and Gundagai was the focus of Warren's business.

In 1993 State Forests (The NSW Forestry Commission) contracted Wariapendi to supply Warren's services to act as state manager for their nurseries. His main focus was to implement the production techiniques he developed to boost production at its nurseries to support their hardwood plantation program. During the 5 years he spent there he took the Commission's hardwood seedling output from 1.3 million seedlings per year to over 6 million per annum.

From the late 1990's Warren concentrated on Wariapendi and its Southern Highlands operation. Along with producing and selling plants Warren continued to pursue his passion of designing and enacting major landscape and revegetation projects. In 2013 Wariapendi Nursery was award Best Small Production Nursery NSW/ACT by the Nursery Industry of Australia.

Now in his 60's Warren spends most of his time designing innovative landscapes for private landholders and major development projects utilising sustainable principles.

Warren is a leading authority on native plants in South Eastern Australia. Combining a mix of technical information and creativity, Warren works with professionals and landowners to create sustainable landscapes that look good and provide a positive contribution to the local ecology.


    Luke Maitland

    Operations Manager

    20150805-IMG_2641Luke began his working life at Wariapendi in the late 1990's. Starting as an apprentice horticulturalist his passion and commitment to his career and the environment saw Luke progress to his current position of Operations Manager at Wariapendi.

    With mentorship and training from Warren Walker (founder and managing director of Wariapendi), Luke's knowledge and expertise is highly regarded in the fields of revegetation specialising in riparian corridors, rural landscapes, and commercial developments.

    Luke's passion has evolved from an interest in the outdoors and the environment to being a highly committed key team member of Wariapendi whose main focus is supplying products and expertise to assist in the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment.

    Luke's professional enjoyment is seeing projects come to successful outcomes and education of landholders and other professionals in the industry on the benefits of using native plants in a sustainable and creative manner.