Design & Consultancy

Wariapendi has been designing and installing native landscapes for almost 40 years. We are unique in offering a complete service creating sustainable and water wise landscapes that look fantastic, are easy to look after and benefit the local ecology.
Wariapendi has a wealth of experience designing & installing:

  • Home gardens
  • Equine facilities
  • Wetlands & riparian zones
  • Windbreaks
  • Wildlife corridors
  • Bush tucker gardens
  • Revegetation projects

Wariapendi also offers professional maintenance services to ensure plant health and maximise growth.

What area do we service?

Wariapendi is located in the Southern Highlands. We service the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Sydney Basin, Southern Tablelands and South Coast. If you are located elsewhere, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


Your new garden begins with a meeting to assess your site, learn how you use the space and understand what you want from your new garden.

Wariapendi’s founder and principal designer, Warren Walker will meet you on site to explore initial design ideas, show you examples of our designs and develop a design brief for your approval.

Consultations with Warren in the Southern Highlands region cost $490 to include up to 2 hours on site and up to 2 hours travelling time. For longer consultations, or for sites located elsewhere in New South Wales, please contact us for a quote.

If you decide to contract Wariapendi to design & install your new garden we will deduct the consultation fee from your final bill.


If you decide you want to go ahead with a new design, the next step is to develop a concept plan. Our aim will be to give you a good understanding of how the space will feel and function, in addition to providing you with a list of plant selections & material suggestions. At this stage we will also give you a costs estimate so you feel fully informed before commencing installation.

The cost of your design depends on your needs & the complexity of the site and starts at $1,900 to include:

-Drone photographs of your site to generate a scaled high definition aerial map

-Concept plan (printed in colour)

-Plant schedule

-Client meeting at Wariapendi to present the concept & discuss revisions

If you require further design drawings and/or your project requires a Complying Development Certificate or Development Application, Wariapendi will prepare the documentation you need. This additional work is charged at $150 per hour.

Plant selection

If you are planning to include some native plants in your garden and would like some guidance, we offer a plant selection appointment with one of our qualified horticulturists. Taking account of your soil, microclimate & aspect we advise you how to achieve the best results in your circumstances as well as offering tips on pruning and maintaining native plants.

Plant selection appointments cost $150 to include an hour with a Wariapendi horticulturist. You are welcome to bring photographs of your garden to the appointment.

Appointments usually take place at our nursery in Colo Vale so we can show you examples of the plants we recommend.

For home visits, we charge $120 per hour (or part thereof) travelling time.

Did you know we also offer a range of landscaping and tree planting services?
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