August 2015 Special – 25% off Grass Trees

Grass Trees are an iconic Australian plant and make a great feature plant for your garden. The upright, black trunks provide structure and colour contrast and the weeping head of foliage provides texture and form.Web-8215

We source our grass trees from a supplier that harvests their grass trees sustainably from land this is to be cleared for development and they hold their grass trees for at least 12 months after transplanting before releasing them, so you can be sure you are receiving quality, sustainably sourced grass trees.

Place an order for a grass tree (Xanthorrhoea johnsonii) before the end of August and provide a 50% deposit to receive 25% off the price of your grass tree. This offer is subject to plant availability from supplier.


Size Normal Price 25% off
30cm (1ft) trunk $265.00 $198.75
60cm (2ft) trunk $440.00 $330.00
90cm (3ft) trunk $616.00 $462.00
120cm (4ft) trunk $748.00 $561.00
160cm (5ft) trunk $880.00 $660.00


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