Gardening in the 21st Century

For many years Wariapendi has been in conflict with the traditional Southern Highlands gardener who believes that Leylandii Pines, Photinia hedges and Manchurian Pears are the Mecca when it comes to gardens. In our eyes this is what we call “that 70’s look” and it should be left behind. We firmly believe they should have […]

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Climate Change Update

Australia’s outlook is for an even more sunburnt country with extremes of prolonged droughts alternated with flooding rains. Last week the Bureau of Meteorology released the latest “State of the Climate” report which outlined climate change is happening and is having a tangible impact on Australia. Our country is experiencing very hot days more frequently and […]

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Why Plant Native Windbreaks?

The Southern Highlands has experienced its fair share of windy weather this winter. A well designed windbreak can be a welcome relief from the wind. Native plants are a crucial choice in developing windbreaks – with correct species selection you can achieve a long-lived, sustainable and beautiful windbreak that not only provides protection from the wind, […]

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Winter Worries

Disease Winter can be a hazardous time of year for health with the ‘Flu and colds running rampant through the population, and the plant world is no different. With the excess moisture in the air and less drying out of plant surfaces, winter creates a ripe environment for the spread of fungal disease amongst plants. […]

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Bundanoon Garden Club Slideshow

Earlier this month Warren gave a talk at the monthly meeting of the Bundanoon Garden Club. One of the main focuses of the talk was on “Busting the Myths about Native Plants”. Unfortunately there are a lot of myths out there about using native plants in your garden. Most of this comes about because of ignorance […]

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Autumn Tips

Autumn is an ideal time to get out into the garden. Cooler weather has finally arrived with rain received and more forecast to come. Autumn is a great time to enact any plantings – with soil temperature still warm and moisture available for new plantings to establish with ease. For those areas that experience heavy […]

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August 2015 Special – 25% off Grass Trees

Grass Trees are an iconic Australian plant and make a great feature plant for your garden. The upright, black trunks provide structure and colour contrast and the weeping head of foliage provides texture and form. We source our grass trees from a supplier that harvests their grass trees sustainably from land this is to be […]

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